(Read below for full details)

  • TRIBE SOCCER GAMEPLAY (read below for full details)
  • 4v4 and 5v5 Games
  • No out-of-bounds! Non-stop play.
  • Substitutions: only when the play has stopped. (IE after a goal, a foul, or if your keeper holds the ball) 
  • Substitutions are at the discretion of the referee.
  • All Restarts are Direct Kicks (except kickoff) 
  • The ball may move in any direction.
  • Keepers can throw, drop-kick, or dribble the ball forward (no punting)
  • Drop kicking - the ball clearly hits the ground before the keeper kicks it 
  • No Outdoor Cleats (wear indoor or turf shoes)
  • Sliding tackling is not allowed I
  • f the ball is stuck in a corner, the referee will give 5 seconds to work it out, or at their discretion, create a restart
  • If you are caught with illegal players (players too old or too young for division or unrostered players) you will forfeit the game 7-0

TRIBE Soccer League Guidelines

Adult League Game Play

Game Duration: 25 minute halves

Continuous Game Clock

All Restarts are Direct Kicks (except kickoff) 

Youth League Game Play

U6-U12: 20 min halves 

U13-U18: 25 min halves 

Continuous Game Clock

All Restarts are Direct Kicks (except kickoff)

Player Uniforms:

All players must wear uniforms of the same color. Goalkeepers MUST wear uniforms that will distinguish them from the rest of the players on both teams. In the event of a color conflict among teams, the team listed first on the schedule is the home team and is responsible to change into alternate uniforms. If the home team does not have alternate uniforms, the referee reserves the right to make them forfeit the game. Teams will NOT be allowed to play shirts versus skins. 

We recommend each team choose a light and a dark colored jersey so they will always have a back up to change into when teams match. 

The only shoes that will be permitted on the field will be “athletic” shoes, indoor soccer shoes, or turf shoes. No Cleats of any kind are permitted on the field.

If a leg or arm brace must be worn, any metal areas must be covered to the point where it does not pose a danger to other players. Any cast worn must be properly padded to the satisfaction of the referee and management.

Players must remove all jewelry before entering the game. This includes but is not limited to earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and hats. 

Shin guards are mandatory for all players: Any player who is not wearing shin guards will not be allowed to play. Shin guards are mandatory for adults and youth.

Safety headgear is allowed.



5v5 Games (4 field + 1 goalkeeper)

Maximum roster size of 10

*If divisions are combined for U11-U12, Headers ARE allowed by referees


4v4 Games (3 field + 1 goalkeeper)

Maximum roster size of 10

Adult COED

4v4 Games (3 field + 1 goalkeeper)

Maximum 2 males on field at any time

Maximum roster size of 10

Player Rosters

  • All rosters will be frozen prior to the start of the third game.
  • Players may only be rostered on one team per division. Dual rostering must be approved by the program director. 
  • Women in coed may dual roster, but must pick a team if their teams play each other In order to participate in adult leagues,
  • a player must be at least 18 years old at the start of the season.
  • The program director reserves the right to make exceptions for players who are close to 18 years of age.


U6-U8: Size 3

U9-U12: Size 4

U13+ : Size 5

League and Tournament Scoring

Win: 3 points

Loss: 0 points

Draw: 1 point

Rankings will be based on the accumulated point total a team has earned. If teams have identical point totals, the following tiebreaker system will apply:

  1. Head to Head competition between the teams which are tied.
  2. Head to Head goal differential (goals for minus goals against)
  3. Total goal differential (goals for minus goals against)
  4. Total number of goals scored
  5. Coin Toss


If teams are tied after regulation time in a championship game, there will be a shoot-out. Each team takes turns shooting at goal from the penalty mark, with the goal only defended by the opposing team's goalkeeper. Each team has five shots which must be taken by different kickers; the team that makes more successful kicks is the winner. Shoot-outs finish as soon as one team has an insurmountable lead. If scores are level after five pairs of shots, the shootout progresses into additional "sudden-death" rounds.


Teams have unlimited substitutions. Substitutions can be made on any dead ball restart when the ball is in your possession. Substitutions are also allowed after the goalkeeper makes a save and holds the ball (all substitutions must be approved by the referee).


If the ball hits a referee and possession changes as a result, the referee may stop the play and award an uncontested drop ball to the team that previously had possession. If the ball hits a referee and possession does not change, the referee may use his/her discretion to allow the play to continue.


Goalkeepers may use their hands inside the penalty area.

No Pass Back: Goalkeepers may not use their hands if the ball is intentionally passed back from a teammate. 

Goalkeepers must distribute the ball within 5 seconds of gaining possession.

Goalkeepers can throw, roll, dribble, pass, or drop-kick.


Goalkeepers cannot score directly from a drop kick 

Goalkeepers cannot score from inside their penalty box

  • Referees may penalize a player, award a free kick, and issue player warning cards based on the following fouls.
  • Kicking, tripping, or hitting an opponent
  • Pushing or holding an opponent
  • Dangerous play
  • Pushing a player into the boards
  • Obstructing an opponent without playing the ball
  • Foul language
  • Arguing with the referee
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Handling the ball
  • Slide tackling shall be deemed a dangerous play if made toward an opponent


BLUE CARD: Hard fouls or multiple fouls that warrant more than just a free kick

YELLOW CARD: Hard foul, dangerous play, unsportsmanlike conduct, retaliation

RED CARD: Player endangerment, verbal assault, excessive fouls, or fighting

BLUE = 2 minute penalty (expires if goal is scored)*

YELLOW = 2 minute penalty (expires if goal is scored)*

2nd YELLOW = RED = 2 minute penalty (must serve full 2 minute penalty) *Player misses next match

STRAIGHT RED = Player ejected and misses next match. (NO exceptions) Team must play one player down.

*2 minute penalties: Team must remove player from the field. Exception for goalkeeper: Designated Player may serve the 2 minute penalty for the goalkeeper.


Any fighting will result in red cards for players involved. Fighting that involves the majority of a team will result in the team being expelled from the league. Players or teams with multiple infractions will be suspended from future seasons.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalties

Encroachment: Intentionally interfering with the taking of a free kick by being within 10 feet of the ball. The offensive team does not have to ask for the 10 feet.

Delay of Game: Intentionally touching the ball which causes a delay in the restart of play.

Persistent Infringement: A fourth foul committed by the same player during the first or second half of play.

Spitting On The Turf: For health and sanitary purposes.

TRIBE Soccer is designed to be a community gathering place. It is a place to connect with people who share a passion for soccer. The Mission of TRIBE Soccer is about more than the game. It is about the connection, the universal language of the sport, and the ability to find common ground across different communities.

Thank you for helping us create a competitive and positive environment!